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portraits 0028Dr Brian Johnston  

Dr Brian Johnston qualified in Dentistry from Queens University, Belfast, in 1988. His career began in the Northern Ireland Plastic and Maxillo facial unit, working as an oral surgeon, before moving into General Dental Practice.

After gaining a broad range of experience in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Australia, Brian decided in 1999 to immigrate permanently to Australia and find a nice sunny place to live—so he moved to Ballarat!

Brian is very passionate about dentistry, finding it an extremely challenging and rewarding career. He has a particular interest in helping people retain a fully functional mouth for life. He has successfully helped many patients rehabilitate broken down mouths, allowing them to enjoy the security of knowing they will have great teeth for life.

Brian is able to combine this passion and his past experience in oral surgery with his area of specialised interest, Implant Dentistry. He has undertaken extensive additional training in this area over the past few years, including a yearlong course at the Brener Implant Institute in Sydney. On graduating from this course, Brian was invited back as a faculty member, and currently helps in the teaching and supervision of surgery performed by students at the Institute.

Brian’s dream has been to develop a practice and a team of people that would help any person—young to old—remain on the pathway of enjoying teeth for life. He firmly believes that this practice in Ballarat is built to do just that.

Outside of work, Brian enjoys spending time with his family, enjoys running regularly with a group of mates, and has a keen interest in classic cars.


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