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What is Cosmetic Dentistry and how can I benefit from it?


Once upon a time, a dentist was the person you would see when you had a toothache or when you needed the cracks in your cavity filled when they decayed – or in the inevitable event that you needed to extract a tooth. Although the job of a dentist was never limited to drilling and filling, the unfair perception was nevertheless difficult to ignore for its prevalence and constant reminding in the popular media. However, that perception has since undergone a sweeping change.


Fast forward to today’s world, many people show up at a dental clinic without any hint of pain – or dental problem, for that matter. They see a dentist not because they have to but because they want to. This big change can be attributed to the huge strides that dental science and technology has taken in recent decades. One of the most exciting and important new developments of the modern dental practice is Cosmetic Dentistry.


This new branch of dentistry is changing the very concept of how people are viewing the work and expertise of a dentist. Cosmetic dentists are a new generation of dentists offering a multi-disciplinary host of treatments, all designed to improve the aesthetic qualities of your smile.


True to their profession, cosmetic dentists consider all the aspects of your oral health and wellbeing when they are treating you. While the main treatment objective usually takes the form of beauty enhancements, cosmetic dentists also restore health and functionality to your teeth. For instance, in addition to aesthetic improvements, some cosmetic dentists offer restorative treatments like dental implants to treat your tooth loss problems.


Compared to ill-fitting dentures, which used to be the standard treatment available for tooth loss patients, dental implants provide a permanent solution that is also more aesthetically pleasing. As the implant is designed to fit into the spot where the original tooth was once located, it must conform to the exact, size and shape of the missing tooth, while blending in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. This achieves a win-win situation in which patients enjoy the stability and durability that dental implants offer as a tooth replacement option, while at the same time getting a more natural looking appearance.  


Of course, demand for pure cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening are also growing in tandem with the public’s increased acceptance of Cosmetic Dentistry as an indispensible facet of Health and Beauty. In recent times, teeth whitening procedures are viewed as a basic expectation. Thanks to new and exciting teeth whitening systems like Opalescence, the public has come to recognise the visible results that one can achieve within a relatively short space of time. This is especially true with In-chair treatments that can achieve a dramatic shade difference in less than one hour. Dentist-administered systems – whether in-chair or take-home whitening kits – are today the subject of many beauty forums not simply because they are catching on in the fashion domain, the palpable results are making even once sceptical individuals take notice. 


Advances in dental material sciences and technology have produced another breakthrough cosmetic dental treatment that many people are raving about – dental veneers. A cosmetic dentist would usually recommend these thin porcelain shells that look like the enamel of your natural teeth as “coverings” to hide stained, crooked and even cracked teeth. These veneers mimic the same translucent quality of natural teeth and even react to different lighting conditions in the same way. They are able to hide any dental flaws you may have while redesigning your teeth structure and contours to give you the brilliant smile you’ve always wanted.


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