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Great oral care tips for parents


Healthy oral habits should start young. That’s why it’s important to inculcate these positive habits when your children are just beginning to pick up healthy living patterns and formulating early concepts around what ought to be routine forms of responsibility. Oral hygiene also begins at home. It is doubly effective when parents set a good example by brushing twice a day and flossing daily in front of the little ones.


Just as important, parents need to make sure that their children see a dentist at least once a year, as soon as the baby teeth start sprouting at around 3 months. Many adults assume their children will have dental phobia, but a lot hinges on the outcome of the first visit. If the child’s maiden experience in a dental clinic is a positive one that would pave the way for many more successful and pleasant experiences to follow. It is therefore imperative to pick out a family-oriented clinic that provides experienced Children’s Dentistry services.


Not all dentists are created equal, and some are definitely more children-friendly than others. Unbeknownst to some, it takes more just than a well-stocked toy area to make a child-friendly clinic. To determine whether a clinic has a positive emphasis on treating younger patients, it really boils down to the clinic’s dental professionals and their concept of children’s dentistry – whether they see it as a necessary evil or incorporate it as part of the main services they provide.


Some clinics provide a well-structured children’s department that solely looks after the welfare and dental care of their young patients. The outstanding ones will even also hold preventative programs on children’s oral health education to instill habits that will follow them into adulthood. Of course, many such demonstrations and workshops are geared towards parents as well, imparting to them the effective skills and means necessary to instill positive oral care habits in their children.


Another facet of a clinic that focuses on Children’s Dentistry can be seen from its provision of child-friendly orthodontic services. As children in their late adolescent years and early teens make prime candidates for wearing orthodontic braces, a child-friendly clinic would offer these teeth-straightening services while employing techniques that are suitable for patients of all ages – every child has different needs and is unique in their teeth development.


As can be seen, a dental practice that takes a multi-faceted approach to providing dedicated children’s services is what makes it a bona fide family-oriented clinic. It is also the type of clinic that you can partner on the journey to raising children with beautiful and healthy smiles.


If you are looking for a reputable clinic with a dedicated children’s department, you may contact Dentistry at Ballarat: +61(3) 53649599 or visit dentistryatballarat.com.au. Dentistry@Ballarat provides a supportive and child-friendly environment for our young patients. We also employ university-trained therapists that are skilled in building rapport with young patients.


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