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Discreet and Speedier methods of straightening your teeth


If you have been avoiding orthodontic treatment because the thought of wearing metal brackets on your teeth for a few years doesn’t sound too appealing, then perhaps you haven’t known about all the available options. With rapid advances in orthodontic technology and techniques, many people today are enjoying the comfort and aesthetic appeal of modern orthodontic appliances that are not only effective but also promise faster results.


While traditional straightening techniques remain and have their rightful place in orthodontic treatment, it is also not surprising that many people are embracing the newer innovations because they offer more cosmetic options and shorter treatment times.


Let’s take a look at two of these modern innovations that will give you straight and beautiful teeth, while offering noteworthy strengths in terms of discreet treatment and speedy results.


Invisalign – “Invisible” aligners promise Discreet Treatment


Invisalign makes use of a 3D digital imaging system that helps to plan the dental treatment, by projecting the desired position of the teeth to achieve the best straightening results. The customised aligners are placed over the teeth to exert small gradual forces to move the teeth to its desired position.  The aligners are prescribed in a series, each designed to provide the necessary forces at different positional stages of your teeth. You replace a new one every two weeks until you complete the series. Compared to traditional braces that require frequent adjustments, this represents a fuss-free method of straightening your pearlies.


Further, the Invisalign method produces faster results when compared to traditional straightening techniques. While it may take metal bands, brackets and wires two to three years to correct misalignment issues, it is possible, depending on the individual case, for Invisalign aligners to take less than a year to do the job.


One of the best features of Invisalign is that the aligners look almost invisible. The clear plastic aligners are so transparent that you would not notice someone wearing them even when you are speaking to them. Their custom-fitted design also means that the aligners conform to the shape, size and contours of your teeth, making it more comfortable to wear and aesthetically appealing. With Invisalign, it is now possible to undergo orthodontic treatment discreetly. You no longer have to worry about the “metal teeth” appearance of orthodontic treatment yet the dental device is working day and night, helping to manipulate your teeth to the desired position.




As the name suggests, Fastbraces is an innovative straightening system that achieves straightening results with less teeth sensitivity and shorter time. Traditional braces align your teeth in two stages; first by moving the crown of your tooth, then followed by a second stage in which they address the position of the root of the tooth. Working on a different mechanical principle, Fastbraces uses a unique brace-and-wire design to correct the position of the root of your tooth from the start of the treatment. This combination effectively allows the system to simultaneously correct the position of your root and tooth. These changes also drastically reduce treatment time – taking between 3 months to a year to complete the straightening process.


Patients opting for a more discreet method of treatment can take advantage of Fastbraces Clear - ceramic braces that offer the same speedy technology in a more aesthetically pleasing option.


Whether you are considering Invisalign or Fastbraces as an option for straight and beautiful teeth, you may speak to a dentist at Dentistry@Ballarat. We offer these techniques – and other orthodontic treatment – as part of our all-encompassing Cosmetic Dentistry services to meet your individual needs. For more info on Dentistry at Ballarat, call +61(3) 53649599 or visit dentistryatballarat.com.au


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